How to prepare for an appointment with your lawyer

Clear picture of the lawyer’s role and your expectations

  • In order to optimize the services he will be asked to render, the lawyer likes to know exactly what is expected of him.
  • Prepare clear instructions for your lawyer.


  • Prepare a list of questions you want to ask your lawyer so that you can share your concerns.

Chronology of events

  • Have a detailed list of all the events related to your case, in chronological order.
  • Make sure this list is as accurate as possible so that your lawyer can understand all the details of your case.

Proof of identity

  • Bring with you at least one proof of identity, from you or from the person (legal or natural) for whom you are acting.
  • The Barreau du Québec requires lawyers to identify the client as follows:
    • in the case of a natural person:
      • name;
      • personal or business address, if applicable;
      • personal or business telephone number, if applicable;
      • occupation;
    • in the case of a legal person:
      • name;
      • address;
      • telephone number;
      • certificate of incorporation or identification number and the place of its issuance, if applicable, and the general nature of its activities, except in the case of a financial institution, a public body or a reporting issuer;
      • name, position, address and telephone number of authorized persons who provide instructions regarding the mandate or service contract.

All important documents (in a binder with separators if possible)

  • Bring the following documents to your lawyer if you have them on hand:
    • Pleadings
    • Proceedings
    • Judgments
    • Notices
    • Letters of demand
    • Emails
    • Contracts
    • Transactions
    • Releases
    • Discharges
    • Wills
    • Deeds
    • Certificates
    • Pictures
    • Videos
    • Recordings
    • Invoices
    • Receipts
    • Titles
    • Statements
    • Records
    • Reports (expert, medical, police, etc.)
  • Your lawyer will appreciate if these documents are all in a binder with separators.
  • In the end, if these documents are well prepared, your lawyer will spend less time doing it and you will save on legal fees.

List of witnesses

  • If there is litigation or potential litigation, prepare a list of witnesses, including phone numbers, addresses and email addresses.


  • We understand the importance of carefully managing your finances.
  • In order to find the optimal solution to meet your needs, we want to know your budget.
  • To this end, inform your lawyer of the financial resources you are ready to deploy.

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